Trail's End Order Entry and Making Your Group Deposit

Happy Friday, Scouters, Parents, and Youth

With order entry on the horizon, we thought it would be a good idea to refresh you on the steps to take to input orders and make the deposit at CIBC.

Here is a breakdown of steps you can take to get ready for order entry in the Trail's End system:

1. First, it is important to make sure that whomever is taking care of order entry in your group has a valid, working Trail's End login. If you have one from last year, it will/should work.

2. Second, it's important to update your groups and sections with this year's youth rosters ahead of time, so it's ready for when you're sitting down to complete order entry. There is currently no way to import your group's myscouts profile directly into Trail's End, so it will take some manual typing-in.

PS: Trail's End calls groups "units."

3. Collect orders the week of October 22-26th. 

a. Keep copies of the original order forms. That way, in case one gets lost or damaged, you have a back-up.

b. Always count money two-deep.

c. Enter the orders in Trail's End.

d. When your order is 100% complete...double check just to make sure! Hit submit until you feel sure about this. When it is complete and has been looked over once more just in case, hit Submit. Refer to pages 19-29 in the Trail's End manual for more information.

e. Once you have hit Submit, you will be able to download your Unit Invoice.

4. Deposits

a. The next step, is to take the amount on the invoice marked "total due to council" and deposit it using the CIBC deposit slip to any CIBC. This must be completed within 48 hours of the order being submitted. 

b. Once the deposit is made, take a picture of, or scan, the receipt. Send the picture or scan to your area coordinator. The deposit slips were sent out to all areas' SWC Google groups. If you have any trouble getting your hands on one, please email

c. Celebrate! This part of the journey is complete.

d. Send your area coordinator the names of any youth who sold over $650 worth of popcorn.

5. Scout Shop Coupon for Group Prizes

If you are using the Scout Shop coupon, please keep in mind it will expire on November 19th. The online code if you are buying any prizes from the online store is POP20.

5. Delivery and Pick Up of Product

More information will follow specific to pick up times, dates and location. Trucks will be arriving Wednesday November 14 or Thursday November 15. Volunteers will be sorting product once the trucks arrive, and the warehouse coordinators will arrange a pick-up schedule.

Crests should be in hand before the popcorn arrives and we should be able to send them along with the popcorn orders to the groups.

More on this soon!


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